Ecospring - Hot Water Systems
There are two different size models to choose from.  Both have the same awesome features! 

  1. ecospring HP300
  2. ecospring ES190

Three great modes to run in.  

1. Economy Mode

Efficiency at its best!  This mode provides the greatest savings using the heat pump to heat water.

2. Hybrid Mode

Best of both worlds!  Uses the heat pump to heat the water with the standard heating elements of your hot water system kicking in if the ambient air temperature is low between -7°C to 12°C. 

3. E-heater Mode

Shutting off the heat pump this mode only uses the electric elements.  This is for when the air temperature is colder than -7°C



Reclaim Energy - Hot Water Systems

Up to 5x more energy created than electricity used!

How cool is that! Maximise your savings!

Reclaim Energy CO2 split system heat pump can be used indoors or outdoors. Highly flexible it can be fitted to most hot water cylinders.

5 preset options on the controller allows you to manage your hot water at a touch of a button!

Want to heat your water during the cheapest time on your plan? No probs – can do!

With a single shot boost means you will never be out of hot water no matter what preset option you use.

CO2 Reclaim

Atlantic - Hot Water Systems

Simply stunning European styling and technology!

Dry ceramic heating elements in every model means it stands up to the hard water we experience in New Zealand.

Big or small; with a range from 25 to 1000 litre capacity means there is a model that will suit your needs!

Atlantic Heat pump

Heat Pump Water Heater Systems

Enjoy hot water in a cost effective way.

Looking for ways to reduce your power bills?

Heating water is expensive!  Up to 38% of your power bill is water heating.    

Save up to 70% on hot water with a heat pump water heater system!

4 year pay back on your investment.  This does depend on use but on average – the money you save will pay for the heat pump water heating system in 4 years!

It is not always easy being green, but this system is green as they come.  Renewable energy harnessing naturally occurring thermal energy from the air to heat your water.

Check out our range and contact us today for more information about a heat pump water heating system!

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